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Performance Consulting

Our approach to performance consulting offers a strategic process that produces real business results by maximizing the performance of people, teams, and organizations. We focus on defining and aligning the three critical needs that exist in every organization: the business needs, performance needs, and organization and individual capability needs.
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Installing Performance Consulting in Organizations

We engage with your organization to "install" a performance consulting process within your existing business operations and teach your teams how to identify the true client and form a strategic partnership. Our performance consulting methods are based on empirical research and have been refined by over 30 years of experience and publications.

The methods and approach Handshaw takes to Performance Consulting are contained within the third edition of Performance Consulting. Authors James and Dana Robinson were joined by Jack and Patricia Phillips of the ROI Institute and Dick Handshaw on this new edition to update the performance consulting methodology for present-day business realities.

As an internal consultant, my biggest challenge is in gathering information that help to identify strategic opportunities. The Handshaw Performance Consulting Process introduced me to a number of invaluable skills for accelerating the discovery process with clients. In particular, the should/is/cause framework helps to formulate powerful questions, which help uncover performance gaps. The taxonomy of the root cause categories for business problems is a great way to analyze situations and articulating desired performance outcomes. In all the Handshaw process should be foundational practice for all performance consultants.

Bob Winter
Senior Principal Consultant
Author of Agile Performance Improvement

Learning Services

Our performance-based instructional design process focuses on client business goals and learner achievement within the context of the job, resulting in measureable learner performance, shorter time until learner proficiency, and improved business results.
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